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Painter of Clouds

Nate Jensen

Murals & Fine Art

Over 30 years of experience painting murals and creating fine art
A lifetime of fascination with clouds. 

Vision taking the ceiling away in the dining room, creating heavens in the master bedroom and expanding the view of your staircase.  

I've painted murals in children's rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and businesses. I've painted as high as three stories tall and on everything from ventilation systems to a limousine. For a full portfolio, please visit


My career as an illustrator has taught me how to ask the questions that peer inside my clients' minds to access what they vision. I carry that experience into creating original pieces of fine art for individuals. For a full portfolio, please visit

Art Commissions

What I Offer

Contact for a free consultation. 

Each mural and each piece of fine art is unique.
We will discuss your vision and where you would like to make that a reality. I design to meet your budget. 

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